What they say

“Provenance, animal welfare, home-produced, and locally sourced ingredients are part of our ethos here at Percy’s. We work with low food miles, organic, and biodynamic wines and offer restricted diets a dining experience to remember. Fantastic vegetables, freshly picked, lightly cooked with fresh homegrown herbs. Amazing dawn chorus, wild beavers (the only unfenced colony of wild beavers in the UK), and teeming wildlife are all part of Percy’s magical charm.”

Signature Dishes

Home-reared organic lamb; seared diver-caught Cornish scallops with home-cured bacon; and Cornish dayboat line-caught sea bass with saffron glaze.

What we say

Since first visiting fifteen years ago, we have long regarded Percy’s as one of the most inspirational restaurants in Britain. Indeed, it is one of the places that first formed our vision of what a sustainable restaurant is and what all restaurants should aspire to as far as they possibly can. Everything here springs from the local environment and so much is put back. In 2000, they planted 60,000 trees – sixty thousand! – in line with a “food from the forest” theme. They rear organic sheep and pedigree pigs, they send animals only to local slaughter and then tan the hides for sale. And for all this dreamy focus on the best meat, the soundness of their veg game means this is one of the best places in Europe to be vegan or vegetarian. Percy’s, we salute you!


Country hotel on fifty acres of undulating pasture & woodland


Tina Bricknell-Webb, chef


Dinner, daily


Coombeshead Estate, Virginstow, Devon, EX21 5EA


+44 (0)75 5334 4371



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