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“From the precision we apply in sourcing the finest ingredients, to the creativity shown by the chefs in the kitchen, to the care and attention from the front-of-house team, we always strive to ensure that we give our guests a truly exceptional and unrivalled experience. Our Farm was designed specifically to develop a harmonious relationship between cooking and growing. For my team, the produce is a driving force, so perfect that we barely have to do anything to it. Everything that we grow now has been carefully chosen to ensure it yields the best nutrients and retains maximum flavour. Our aim is to grow near-perfect produce in a natural and sustainable way. Growers and chefs work side-by-side to create the ingredients used in all of our restaurants – the farm is an extension of the kitchens.”

What we say

Simon Rogan is in many ways the godfather of everything we treasure in restaurants. It was a visit here in 2004 that first opened our eyes to what a restaurant can be in terms of inhabiting its direct environment, encapsulating a specific moment in time and space, and presenting it on a plate. Rogan was foraging and serving edible flowers before anyone else, bringing his garden indoors and plating it before such things were really known. And his cooking is, of course, beyond compare.


Showcasing the finest ingredients & harnessing the powerful connection between food & nature


Simon Rogan, chef


Lunch & dinner, Tuesday to Sunday


Cavendish Street, Cartmel, Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria, LA11 6PZ, plus other locations – see website


+44 (0)15 3953 6362



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