The Vicarage

What they say

“Being positioned in rural Cheshire means it’s not difficult for us to source exceptional produce from some of the country’s best growers as well as various smallholdings just a stone’s throw away. It’s important to us to buy locally wherever possible to support responsible local businesses, to reduce our impact on the environment, and to ensure we serve the freshest food possible. We work very hard to keep our team happy and to treat them well. When our people find their work rewarding and satisfying it creates a happy and welcoming atmosphere for all our visitors.”

Signature Dishes

Beef fillet with English parsley, creamed potatoes, parsley crisps, shin of beef allumette, caramelised celeriac, creamed horse radish, and port jus; braised and rolled ham hock with homemade sultana, apple cider and pancetta black pudding, crushed broad beans and peas, heirloom pickled tomatoes, and brioche crisp; and Burt’s blue cheese mousse with compressed pear, pear crisp, port jelly, and candied walnuts.

What we say

We have rarely encountered a place with such a wholehearted commitment to staff training and welfare. They do their best to employ and train as many local people in their hotel as possible. Age is not an issue. They believe certain people have hospitality in their DNA and that it is their job to find it and nurture it.


Locally sourced produce with a menu driven by responsible local gardeners, foragers & farmers


Steven Tuke, executive chef


Breakfast, lunch & dinner, daily


Knutsford Road, Holmes Chapel, Cranage, CW4 8EF


+44 (0)14 7753 3393



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