Dragsholm Slot

What they say

Dragsholm is about authenticity, sense of place, hosting, and quality. On the basis of the castle’s culinary and historical roots in the local topsoil,​ our ambition is to create, maintain, and develop a local cuisine that cultivates the story and the specific characteristics and qualities of our own area.

Our kitchen reflects the location of the castle and its proximity to nature. The local ingredients such as herbs, mushrooms, and vegetables, which we pick in the fields, in the forest, in our herb garden, and on the beach contribute constantly to new dishes and new taste experiences. No time of year nor season are the same in Lammefjorden, nothing can be planned in advance in the kitchen. We adapt to the whims of nature and the season’s harvest.

Signature Dishes

Today’s harvest with cod tongue and seapearls; Lammefjords asparagus with crispy bread; and rabbit from Føllenslev with kale sprouts.

What we say

Dragsholm Slot is the epitome of Danish cuisine. Located in a historic castle that also serves as a hotel, there’s no denying diners are guaranteed a unique and exciting experience. Chef Claus Henriksen was with Noma in the early days and refined the idea of ultra-local produce sourcing. The kitchen is inspired by the castle’s surrounding nature. For example, vegetables and herbs are picked from the beach nearby every day. This is a magical place to visit, with remarkable hospitality and extraordinary food.


A stunning & historic castle with a quality restaurant


Mads Hylleholt Boettger, owner & Claus Henriksen, chef


Lunch & dinner, hours change seasonally


Dragsholm Allé 1, 4534 Hørve


+45 5965 3300



Email info@dragsholm-slot.dk

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