What they say

“Produce is the driving force behind the frame of mind in which we work. We serve mostly vegetables and when proteins are present they are used as an ingredient to lift the vegetables. We try to use every part of the product - vegetable peelings are made into miso, and trims become crisps. Since we opened we have reduced our waste going to the landfill by seventy-five per cent. Between ninety to 100 per cent of our products are organically certified, with wild herbs making up the rest. We are militant about the welfare of the animals that we use and serve meat very sparingly. We have stopped using lamb due to its carbon footprint, and serve only beef that has been matured six months, which makes it possible to reduce the serving size to twenty-five grams and still satisfy the guest.”

Signature Dishes

Crisps from yesterday’s fermented potato bread with yeasted potato skin emulsion; garfish cured with spent porter beer yeast miso and horseradish; and burnt summer cabbage with hollandaise of salted cabbage stem oil.

What we say

Amass serves amazingly tasty food, and is one of Denmark’s most sustainable and socially conscious restaurants. Matt Orlando pushes the boundaries, all while presenting delicious and exciting food.


Serving delicious food in an exciting atmosphere while being responsible along the way


Matt Orlando, chef


Lunch & dinner, hours change seasonally


Refshalevej 153, 1432 Copenhagen CVR 35144234


+45 4358 4330



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