Willem Hiele

What they say

“Willem Hiele stands for passion, commitment, and terroir. We want to tug at your heartstrings through cooking. Each season embraces its baffling charms, which are unveiled on the plate. We dish up nothing less than sheer spring, autumn, winter, and summer. Respect is the key word. For the craftsman, the product, the guest.

“Our cuisine runs on uniqueness, trust in sustainability, and respect for nature. Our quest ushers us into flavour explosions you have never experienced before. Willem Hiele oozes passion. Through our dishes we aim to ignite the fire deep down in you.”

Signature Dishes

Soup of North Sea shrimp; white asparagus with rhubarb, beurre blanc, plum blossom, and spring honey; and oyster with cream of sea spinach, juice of oyster, and horseradish.

What we say

For Willem Hiele, the North Sea is a source of inspiration and a playground he can lose himself in every day. Because his uncle was a fisherman and his father tended apple trees, he became fascinated at a young age by the landscape. In his restaurant, Hiele works with seafood strictly from the North Sea, and with herbs and vegetables from his garden. Products such as mussels and shrimps are cooked in creative ways to extract their deepest flavours. Hiele’s wife and sommelier, Shannah, brings the same personal touch in welcoming you to this former fisherman’s cottage. The story behind each dish brings soul to the table.


Gastronomic restaurant in Belgium


Willem Hiele, chef & Shannah Zeebroek, sommelier


Lunch & dinner, Thursday to Saturday, lunch Sunday


Pylyserlaan 138, 8670 Koksijde


+32 (0)4 8554 3016




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