Transformer Fitzroy

What they say

“Our aim is to give diners an experience comparable to the high standard of Melbourne hospitality without the need for the consumption of our furry and feathered friends.”

Signature Dishes

Char-grilled king oyster mushrooms with confit garlic and roast pine nut purée; cumin-braised eggplant; and saffron ricotta gnocchi with fresh peas and cultured butter.

What we say

It’s the restaurant Melbourne’s growing tribe of vegetarians and vegans deserve: smart enough for the special night out, casual enough for cocktails and carry-on and food that sashays with style despite (or due to?) the absence of animal protein or its mock meat faux-cousin. Dairy will pop up occasionally (and can be removed from most dishes with a word to the waiter) in, for instance, the signature gnocchi that’s almost too pretty to eat. Steamed bao stuffed with a fried piece of smoked tofu, pickled cucumber, and a bright gochujang mayo is one of those “I can’t believe it’s not meat” moments. It’s lovely to see vegetables as heroes instead of pretending to be something else: a vibrant slow-roasted tomato tartare and pickled shimeji with taro chips for scooping creates its own exciting new oeuvre. All this and booze, too: Ayurvedic elixirs, Northside Negronis and vegan, organic, biodynamic wines.

What others say

“This allergy-aware, greenhouse-styled, graffiti-bombed converted warehouse space is fashionable, but don’t worry, eating here is fun, even for omnivores.”


Super smart vegetarian & vegan restaurant in backstreet Fitzroy


Laki Papadopoulos & Mark Price, owners


Weekend lunch, dinner, daily


99 Rose Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, VIC 3065


+61 (0)3 9419 2022



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