Pigeon Hole Cafe

What they say

“Health and well-being are who we are, showcasing the organic (but uncertified) conditions and biodynamic seasonal produce from our own farm – harvested, delivered, and presented that day.”

Signature Dishes

Turnip and smoked garlic fritter with roasted green capsicum, broad bean shoots, and chimichurri; and house-made peony jam with tomato salt and smoked paprika.

What we say

This cosy Hobart café hero is an innovative example of reverse-engineering by its farmer owners. Anything in green type on the menu has come straight from Weston Farm, which supplies other leading Hobart restaurants with strawberries, chives, golden beets, rocket, and black radishes as well as their award-winning olive oil and smoked paprika.

A zero-waste mentality sees tomatoes being made into passata and the skins dehydrated to make tomato salt. Even the farm’s peony crop is used for edible purposes – the fully blown flowers going into fragrant peony jam.

Pigeon Hole’s chefs have to be nimble, with regular visits to the farm part of the job, yielding dividends in dishes such as turnip and smoked garlic fritters with roasted green capsicum, broad bean shoots and chimichurri, and Padron peppers stuffed with confit garlic and Persian feta. On the off-chance something is left-over, a closed-loop waste system ensures everything is returned to the farm, to begin the paddock-to-plate process anew.

What others say

“The place is always crowded with regulars who return again and again for good coffee and interesting food.”

–Sue Dyson and Roger McShane, Food Tourist


Cosy farmer-owned café with seriously seasonal food (and peonies)


Richard & Belinda Weston, owners


Breakfast & lunch daily


93 Goulburn Street, West Hobart, TAS 7000


+61 (0)3 6236 9306



No bookings taken

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