Café Troppo

What they say

“We believe in creating an organic and harmonious atmosphere based around community, seasonal produce, drinks, music, and love. We even trade coffees for backyard vegetables and herbs that people bring in. We do this to connect people with their landscape, their city, and their food in a way that doesn’t impact on our environment. All produce is grown locally, and all drinks are made in South Australia using ethical and minimal-intervention farming processes. The kitchen is constantly pickling and preserving seasonal fruits, vegetables, rinds, and peels.”

Signature Dishes

Harvest bowl of mixed greens and roasted veges with poached egg, local organic feta, fresh herbs, and sprouts; roo steak sanga with fresh greens, fried South Australian halloumi , and pickled zucchini; and stone-milled wholegrain flour waffles with poached quinces, toasted nuts, biodynamic whipped cream, and local honey.

What we say

Housed in a building that is a joyful celebration of sustainable design, Café Troppo’s daily salads, pizzas, and pastries are bursting with flavour. The ingredients are dictated by the heirloom produce that Ash Patch, their gardener, has delivered by bike from his suburban-backyard farm plots that day.

Live music nights on Fridays feature local musicians and natural wines. And feel free to tip! All tips go to designated charities that inspire the staff with what they do.


A sustainably-minded, family-run café & wine bar


Madeleine & Alexander Harris, directors/managers


Breakfast & lunch, Tuesday to Sunday, dinner, Friday


42 Whitmore Square, Adelaide, SA 5000


+61 (0)8 8211 8812



No bookings taken

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