Don Julio

What they say

“We specialize in grilled beef from grass-fed animals and seasonal produce. We select the best that the market can offer at every moment of the year. At Parrilla Don Julio, nothing is lost, everything is transformed.”

Signature Dishes

Home-made sausage platter with chimichurri; steer sweetbreads; and thick sirloin steak.

What we say

In recent years a thriving group of Argentinian steakhouses underwent an interesting transformation. They realised they needed to raise the level of the recognized quality of local beef. But how? By working with responsible meat suppliers, incorporating details about genetics, breeds, traceability and ways of breeding and feeding. The rest of the work is done in the restaurant by paying attention to the manipulation, selection, and storage of the cuts, taking care of cooking details, looking for high-quality side dishes to accompany the ribs, steaks, and offal, and aiming for exemplary service. This is exactly what Pablo Rivero did when he envisaged a new model of Argentinian steakhouse, but one that kept its inherent identity. Its operational arms are master grill man Pepe Sotelo, and chef Guido Tassi, who is in charge of thinking about everything that accompanies the meat. The vegetables used are grown at three organic farms in La Plata, San Vicente, and Pilar. There is a great wine cellar. Trying the delicious succulence of Don Julio’s sweetbreads or rib eye steak is a truly unforgettable meat experience.


Traditional Argentine steakhouse serving meats & seasonal products from the grill


Pablo Rivero, owner/sommelier


Lunch & dinner, daily


Guatemala 4699, Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires


+54 (0)11 4831 9564



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Traditional Argentinian restaurant & cafe

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