What they say

“We support producers who are committed to providing the best quality, new producers who work and invest in machinery and creativity, and others that are planting new products and revaluing products that are no longer used. Together with the team we usually go to our producers, farms and organic gardens; we know how they work, respect the product and all the work that entails. We are always looking and searching for new local producers.”

Signature Dishes

Prawns wrapped in kataifi dough; sea rock with scallops and a fresh huacatay aïoli; and frozen mousse in caramelized corn and Jujuy salt.

What we say

Gonzalo Aramburu is synonymous with new Argentinian cuisine. He consolidated his ideas and convictions in parallel with his training. He worked in the kitchens of great chefs such as Martín Berasategui, Daniel Boulud, and Charlie Trotter, and assimilated fragments of their distinctive styles. Many of Aramburu’s dishes have something dreamlike about them: they are small symbolic reconstructions of areas related to the ingredients used.

The restaurant is like this right from the very outset. It is a vertiginous sequence where no time is lost between dishes, and participants reach the end of the journey replete and happy. High-quality ingredients are used in Aramburu’s kitchen: local, noble produce and carefully selected wines which are faithful allies to the food on offer. Soon, the restaurant will be moving to a new location opposite Aramburu Bis, its prêt-à-porter version.


World-class cuisine with national roots & a modern, seasonal menu


Gonzalo Aramburu, owner


Dinner, Monday to Saturday


Salta 1050, C1103ACY CABA, Buenos Aires


+54 (0)11 4305 0439




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