Sustainable seafood and beer, free-range pigs and top-quality local produce – this week's feature restaurants have it covered!

07 November 2019


  • WHO: Helena Rizzo, chef/co-owner
  • WHAT: A modern & casual restaurant with sophisticated dishes focused on Brazilian ingredients
  • WHERE: Rua Joaquim Antunes, 210, São Paulo, Brazil

“Seasonality is one of the most important values for restaurants and we are always looking to increase the presence of seasonal items on our menus. We have achieved this by strengthening ties between the restaurant and our producers. A way of developing this is to create purchase guarantees which encourage producers to invest in seasonal products.

“We promote the consumption of a variety of fish at Mani, which is an advantage because it opens the palate of the customer and discourages predatory fishing. Our two fish suppliers, only provide fresh fish, in season, with respectful handling (no trawling) and practice fair prices for fishermen. The chicken we use is organic and we have established a relationship with a meat producer that supplies us with the entire animal with which we are developing dishes with necks and offal, in addition to more traditional parts.”

Segundas no Maní (Mondays at Maní) A series of dinners where Chef Helena Rizzo hosts and cooks with foreign chefs. The series began in October with the first guest, Dutch cook Margot Janse. Now in November, Helena will cook with Mexico’s Enrique Olvera (Pujol, CDMX) and Daniela Soto-Innes (Cosme, NYC). In December, the Danish Chef Bo Bech will be the final guest. Find out more here.

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Fullsteam Tavern

  • WHO: Sean Lilly Wilson, owner
  • WHAT: A plow-to-pint brewery & tavern brewing & cooking with Southern ingredients
  • WHERE: 726 Rigsbee Avenue , Durham, North Carolina, USA

“We're passionate about connecting to the land, producing beer and food from farmers and from foraging. Our mission is to connect people to the land and to one another – we just happen to brew beer and make food.

“We work closely with the Triangle Land Conservancy to promote awareness of public lands forever protected from development. We forage and wander these lands as co-workers, with family, and with fellow brewers, foragers, and beer enthusiasts.

“We're founding members of the Durham Living Wage campaign, ensuring all employees receive at least a living wage for their labour. Like a lot of breweries, we also donate to social causes that align with our mission. We prioritize social giving to non-profits relating to farm systems and urban gardening, sustainability and social enterprise and Durham-centric economic development.”

To read more about Fullsteam Tavern, visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

Fullsteam TavernFullsteam Tavern

Arthur’s Farm Kitchen at Fordhall Farm

  • WHO: The Fordhall Community Land Initiative, owner
  • WHAT: A community-owned organic farm offering a unique experience to all who visit
  • WHERE: Tern Hill Road, Market Drayton, Shropshire, UK

“For us, food is about sharing our love of growing, rearing animals in a respectful and natural way, and of course our planet. Everything we do here also gives back to the community with our café supporting all the wonderful projects we have at Fordhall Farm. So your cup of freshly ground organic and fair trade coffee has a much greater impact and every cup helps. A visit can also include a walk on one of our free farm trails (dogs welcome on leads), a potter into our farm shop, or simply a visit to see our free range Gloucester Old Spot pigs.

“Our menu is designed to lower carbon usage; we batch cook, we slow cook, we pickle, preserve, smoke and ferment and we don't have fryers or microwaves. There is zero food waste in our kitchen and we're proud of that. Our menu is written to reduce food waste and anything that we can't re-purpose or feed to our army of volunteers goes to our Ridan hot composter and is used to fertilise our community garden. Our building also has a PV array to generate our own electricity and an air source heat pump to provide our heating and hot water."

Straw Bale Lodge: Fordhall have recently completed the construction of their new Straw Bale Lodge. This eco-build welcomes retreats and group workshops as well as onsite weddings and catering opportunities. Made from local straw and roundwood timber and supported in construction by many volunteers, it truly is a beautiful build. Christmas is coming and we have a wonderful Christmas lunches available for groups of up to forty guests in our beautiful private room. Details here.

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The Straw Bale Lodge at Arthur's Farm Kitchen at Fordall FarmThe Straw Bale Lodge at Arthur's Farm Kitchen at Fordall Farm

  • WHO: Michael Milkovic & Michelle Grand-Milkovic, co-owners
  • WHAT: Fresh, sustainable Australian seafood hero
  • WHERE: Wulugul Walk, 7/23 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

“Our menu is guided by the seasons and we offer the provenance and quality of sustainable Australian seafood that doesn’t cost the earth, because it doesn’t need to. The sustainable choice is to support Australian fisheries and farmers – we have the highest standards in the world! We select seafood that is not subject to over-fishing and always look for produce that has been caught or farmed using methods that respect the environment. We list the provenance of all of our seafood, selecting only the highest quality fish sourced locally from Australian and New Zealand waters, because we believe that food miles play an important role in reducing our ecological footprint.

“The goal is to help reduce landfill, protect natural resources and reduce greenhouse emissions. As a restaurant providing takeaway we have been very mindful to choose environmentally responsible packaging – ensuring the majority of our packaging is biodegradable is integral to our waste management."

Check out the flavourful fish taco recipe this week from

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Little Tart Bakeshop

  • WHO: Sarah O'Brien, baker/owner
  • WHAT: French-inspired, seasonal pastry, delicious coffee & light, vegetable-driven lunch & brunch
  • WHERE: 437 Memorial Drive Southeast, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (and other locations)

“From the beginning we have chosen to work with local farmers, jam makers, beekeepers, cheese makers, and butchers. Our milk is always local, as is our honey, our peanut butter, and our cheese! Ninety per cent of our vegetables and fruit are local too because we believe local, quality ingredients are what sets our food apart.

“We also work with our local composting heroes, Compost Now who are working to make communities compostable, helping individuals and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and to reconnect people to healthy soil. Our food waste also ends up back on our local farmers' fields as compost – and in turn we buy their veggies. It's a wonderful cycle.

“We are always striving to become even better bakers – we love what we do, and hope that comes through in every buttery, flaky bite.”

To read more about Little Tart Bakeshop, visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

Little Tart BakeshopLittle Tart Bakeshop