Seasonal, artisanal and supporting local all go hand-in-hand for this week's feature restaurants

14 November 2019

Maxwell Restaurant

  • WHO: Fabian Lehmann, chef
  • WHAT: A taste of McLaren Vale from vine to table
  • WHERE: 19 Olivers Road, McLaren Vale, South Australia

“We grow much of our produce in the estate gardens, so sustainability is inherent to the process. In an industry driven by expensive taste and high prices we are always very conscious of offering value to our customers – generosity is at the heart of the Maxwell experience.

“Solar roof panels deliver much of the power to the winery and restaurant, we harvest water from the over-flowing creek in winter that we can reuse in summer and we use only bore water on our gardens and lawns. What minimal food waste we produce makes fantastic compost for the Maxwell gardens.”

Congratulations to the team at Maxwell on their recent accolades:

  • Delicious – Top 100, ‘Best Sunday Lunch’
  • Best Wine Tourism Restaurant Award for South Australia, Great Wine Capitals 2020
  • Gourmet Traveller – listed as one of the ‘Best Restaurants in South Australia’

Try Maxwell Restaurant's beautiful cauliflower panna cotta included in this week.

To learn more about Maxwell Restaurant, visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile page here.


  • WHO: Brandon, chef/co-owner & Jeanne Velie, co-owner
  • WHAT: An unexpectedly unique restaurant in the South Carolina Midlands
  • WHERE: 640 East Main Street, Ridge Spring, Saluda, South Carolina, USA

“At Juniper, we visit every farm we purchase from and make sure the farmers are as passionate about sustainability as we are – this is always one of the first topics of conversation when considering a new farmer relationship. Using this local and seasonal produce, we change our dinner menu every week to tap into this belief, ensuring our dishes are local inside and out!

“Additionally, we highlight all of these local farms on our dinner menu and on social media. We also co-host a twice-yearly cooking event at Camp Gravatt called Big Delicious, which highlights local farmers and shows different ways to cook healthy, local foods.”

To learn more about Juniper, visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile page here.


The Gallivant

  • WHO: Harry Cragoe, owner
  • WHAT: A restaurant with coastal-inspired bedrooms & a beach hut mini spa
  • WHERE: New Lydd Road, Camber, Rye, UK

“Supporting the local community is a top priority for The Gallivant. Our main initiative is to ensure that all of our produce is coming from, where possible, local and independent businesses. This not only helps build the local community’s economy but also allows us to build strong relationships with those closest to us. By working with individuals who are as passionate about the local community as us, we establish an efficient and sustainable method to support smaller businesses and boost local employment. Working with small suppliers’ costs more. However, we believe buying from these smaller businesses benefits those around us and us at the end of the day. As a business, we are always re-assessing how we can shop more locally by doing our best to keep up to date and get out there into the community.

“Everything is homemade in our kitchen or by local, artisan producers. More recently, this passion has spread to supporting the ever increasing number of wineries that surround us. We think English wine in general isn’t getting enough support from the trade (and the press) that it justifies and we are incredibly passionate supporters. We believe we now have one of the largest English wine lists in the country as well as a broad selection of British spirits. It grows by the month.”

To learn more about The Gallivant, visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile page here.

The GallivantThe Gallivant

Pigeon Hole Café

  • WHO: Richard & Belinda Weston, owners
  • WHAT: Cosy farmer-owned café with seriously seasonal food (and peonies)
  • WHERE: 93 Goulburn Street, West Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

“No-waste is part of our food philosophy and it all begins with the harvesting. Our tomatoes are made into passata and the skins are dehydrated to make delicious tomato salt. Our flower harvest of peonies also utilizes the blown blooms, making a beautiful peony jelly.

“The peony jelly recipe was the genius result of losing a lot of our early harvest peonies to strong, hot winds. Knowing that they couldn’t be sold to florists, we came across the idea to capitalize on the loss and the result has turned out to be one of our most popular products to purchase. Richard is a horticulturist, and was aware that the peonies had been used in ancient Chinese medicine for centuries and are also edible. I believe we are the only café in Australia using this amazing product. Check out our website to look at the flower heads that were used to make the jelly – or stop in and try it! Peony jelly can be used as a mimosa in champagne, a jelly used in sponges, or as a condiment to a cheese platter."

To learn more about Pigeon Hole Café, visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile page here.

Pigeon Hole CaféPigeon Hole Café


  • WHO: Richard Golding, chef/owner
  • WHAT: Seasonal, sustainable British food in unique locations
  • WHERE: Pop-up locations (refer website)

“We aim to grow as much food as we can ourselves, although in the winter months this can be a struggle and the menu is awash with rooty-goodness. We do have to order some produce in as any other normal restaurant would, still in keeping with our values with everything being British and seasonal. Our menus follow the seasons and take you on a journey through our pastures – apples from our garden, squash and autumn leaves such as red mustard frills and beetroot leaf.

“We believe dining is an experience and a social event – an occasion where people that may have never met before sit down and talk with one another. The food is cooked and plated in front of you and you are personally guided through your plates by Richard.

“Our location changes from time to time but they all have one thing in common – they are all beautiful and have a story to tell, and everyone is brought together by a love for good food."

Upcoming Ricluce events: "Come and join us on 16 November at 7pm for an 8-course tasting menu in the beautiful St Nicholas chapel in Kings Lynn. Executive Chef Richard Golding will create a menu around the seasons with what we are able to source locally, along with as much produce as possible from our very own gardens. To book this and further upcoming events please click here.

To learn more about Ricluce, visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile page here.


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