A celebration of sustainable seafood, plant-based pizza, farm-to-table Thai, organic bread and garden-fresh produce

24 October 2019


  • WHO: Bill Foss & Kenny Belov, owners & Doug Bernstein, executive chef
  • WHAT: A socially conscious establishment that's about more than just food
  • WHERE: 350 Harbor Drive, Sausalito, Marin, California, USA

“Fish is proud to be completely dedicated to renewable seafood and organic produce, bought locally from the people who work so hard to bring the season's best to our doors.

“Our chefs go to the local farmer's market twice a week and we have also created a space for small-scale producers to purchase a booth at the market. We buy direct from them and find a spot on our menu to highlight their beautiful products.

“We have been focusing on using invasive species on our menus – from Silver Carp for our fish and chips, Devilfish ceviche and Lionfish tacos. We have always been huge fans of using fish lower on the food chain such as squid, anchovies and sardines. Fish have also been awarded a certificate of recognition, The Sustainable North Bay Award, by the California Legislature Assembly to honour our commitment to protecting wild fish populations and helping the local economy by supporting local fisherman.”

To read more about Fish, visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

Gigi Pizza

  • WHO: Marco & Daniela Matino
  • WHAT: Plant-based pizzeria recognized by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana
  • WHERE: 379 King Street, Newtown, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

“We choose to use only plant-based produce. With animal agriculture being the leading cause of deforestation, ocean dead zones, species extinction and climate change, we thought the best way to practice sustainability was to remove animal products from our menu. We are very much inspired by the many farmers around the world currently switching from raising animals for food to ethical and sustainable practices. In our experience, the flavours and textures created with plant-based ingredients to top our pizze are better than ever before!

"Gigi is one of a very few pizzerias in Sydney that is a proud member of the AVPN (the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana or True Neapolitan Pizza Association) and adheres to its incredibly specific regulations, including hand-stretched dough, traditionally-topped, and wood-fired pizza, Napoli style."

To read more about Gigi Pizza, visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

Gigi Pizzeria (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)Gigi Pizzeria (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)

Issaya Siamese Club

  • WHO: Ian Kittichai, chef/co-owner & Frederic Meyer, co-owner
  • WHAT: Thai cuisine set in a historic Thai villa & tropical gardens in Bangkok
  • WHERE: 4 Soi Sri Aksorn, Chua Ploeng Road, Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand

“Chef and co-owner of Issaya Siamese Club, Ian Kittichai, is a pioneer of farm-to-table dining in Thailand and incorporates his purity and freshness beliefs into Issaya.

“We try to source locally, organically and ethically as much as possible with over seventy-five per cent of the ingredients on our menus from Thailand. We work with a fishmonger in Chantaburi, Thailand to source local fish such as sustainable sea bass, and we serve a selection of wild-picked tea from Monsoon Tea. We also serve free-range poultry from a farm in Khao Yai and work with farmers in Chiang Mai to grow produce. Additionally, our chef’s source fresh produce at the local markets each morning."

This week Chef Kittichai shares his beautiful recipe for Yam Nua Yang (Grilled Beef Salad).

To read more about Issaya Siamese Club, visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

Issaya Siamese Club (Bangkok, Thailand)Issaya Siamese Club (Bangkok, Thailand)

Seylou Bakery

  • WHO: Jonathan Bethony & Jessica Azeez, co-owners
  • WHAT: Bakery specializing in freshly-milled, organic whole-grain bread & pastries
  • WHERE: 926 N Street NW, Suite A, Washington DC, USA

“We are dedicated to working with organic farmers in the Chesapeake region and are in continual contact with them in order to give and receive feedback. We see our fates as tied and our success mutual – we would be nothing without them.

"Our 'horse' bread is an example of our whole-farm philosophy. By including diverse and underutilized rotation crops we are supporting the way our farmers farm. It is a wholegrain sourdough loaf containing whole wheat, millet, sorghum, marfax beans, camellia seeds and mustard seeds – all from the same farm. We are totally committed to maximizing nutrition in every product produced and sold. A chocolate chip cookie, for example, is something typically not associated with healthy eating. Rather than using conventional white flour that has almost no nutritive value, we use locally-grown organic whole millet which is high in fibre, protein and minerals. Instead of refined sugar, we use locally-produced sorghum syrup, which is rich in flavour and contains vitamins and minerals. We use dark chocolate, which contains antioxidants and less sugar than milk chocolate chips. Because these whole foods are so flavourful, we only need half the normal amount of sweetener to make delicious products."

To read more about Seylou Bakery, visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

Seylou Bakery & Mill (Washington DC, USA)Seylou Bakery & Mill (Washington DC, USA)

The Coach House at Middleton Lodge

  • WHO: James & Rebecca Allison, owners & Gareth Rayner, head chef
  • WHAT: A Georgian country estate with a relaxed restaurant
  • WHERE: Kneeton Lane, Middleton Tyas, Richmond, North Yorkshire, UK

“The emphasis in the restaurant is on homemade local seasonal produce and our chefs are not only working in the kitchen but are also gardeners, planting and growing key produce in the kitchen garden and on the estate to use on the menu. Gareth and his team focus on the ‘forage diet’, sourcing, planting and nurturing the niche produce that you can’t get from a supplier.

“We do not use pesticides anywhere in the kitchen garden, so all food grown here is organic and handpicked. We grow much of the vegetables used in the kitchens onsite in the kitchen gardens, and are adding in polytunnels to increase the length of the seasons. We seem to have incredible soil here, the gardens are going from strength to strength. Butterflies and bees absolutely love it in our walled garden, and we are very excited to be getting hives so that we can begin producing and using our own honey.

“Meat used in our kitchens is provided by local farmers – we believe in shopping locally which both supports the local farmers and cuts down on food miles.”


Bonfire night in the walled garden. “Our annual Bonfire Night will be once again taking place in the walled garden on Tuesday 5 November. Pop on your wellingtons and big coats and head over to The Fig House, where there will be some hearty food stalls and warming drinks, before watching the fireworks light up the night sky. Book your spot here.”

To read more about The Coach House at Middleton Lodge, visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

The Coach House at Middleton Lodge (North Yorkshire, UK)The Coach House at Middleton Lodge (North Yorkshire, UK)

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