Get away from it all with this week’s seven feature restaurants

23 May 2019
Fervor (Bussleton, Western Australia)

There are no cities in sight for this week’s seven feature restaurants who all enjoy the benefits that their out-of-the-way locations brings to the table.


  • WHO: Paul Iskov, chef
  • WHAT: A unique roaming restaurant with a focus on native Australian flavours
  • WHERE: 68 Pinnacle Ave, Ambergate, Busselton, Western Australia, Australia

“We have a ‘buy local’ policy which is reflected in the fact that each region visited for our pop-ups has both local and seasonal products available, which are requested then sourced as part of the process of the dinner menu selection. Using local products is a critical part of the dinner presentation and integral to our approach. From our base kitchen we use small farmers in the surrounding area for the supply of dairy and vegetables.

“Native Australian ingredients are some of the healthiest foods in the world! They blow so called 'super foods' out of the water. Gubingue or Kakadu plum has the highest vitamin C content of any tested fruit in the world and has five times the antioxidants of blueberries. Kangaroo is open-range and has almost no impact on the land compared to cattle, sheep, goats and camels that ruin the soil. Kangaroo has less than two per cent fat, it is wild-harvested and we don’t need to provide water or feed for them. Currently there are more than fifty million kangaroos in Australia, so there is no shortage!”

To read more about Fervor, visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

Battlesteads Hotel & Restaurant

  • WHO: Richard & Dee Slade, owners
  • WHAT: One of the UK’s leading sustainable tourism destinations
  • WHERE: Wark on Tyne, Hexham, Northumberland, UK

"Battlesteads has a kitchen garden including two polytunnels where we grow ninety per cent of the green vegetables, salads and herbs used in the restaurant. We are surrounded by some of the finest livestock, game, fish, poultry, fruit and vegetables in the country and what we can’t grow ourselves is sourced locally to support Northumberland’s farmers and producers. Head Chef Eddie Shilton sources local ingredients for freshness and flavour, keeping food miles to a minimum, and provenance is highlighted on our menus.

"We have a walled garden specially planted to encourage wildlife - the boiler house has a bat box and an owl box, we have lots of bird-feeders to encourage the many smaller species in the area. Badgers, foxes, herons and red squirrels (Battlesteads is a member of the 'Save Our Squirrels' scheme) are frequently reported and a family of otters can be seen in the early morning on the river next to the bridge. We have a wildlife log which we encourage our guests to fill out and our own 'The Birds of Battlesteads' book to help assist bird-watching."

Battlesteads Beer Festival: Discover the best beers, ciders and lagers, with music and entertainment, at our annual four-day beer festival from Thursday 25 July. Click here for all you need to know!

To read more about Battlesteads Hotel & Restaurant, visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

Battlesteads Hotel & Restaurant (Wark on Tyne, Northumberland, UK)Battlesteads Hotel & Restaurant (Wark on Tyne, Northumberland, UK)

't Ailand

  • WHO: Barbara & Jan Rodenburg-Geertsema, fishermen & restaurant owners
  • WHAT: Restaurant at the harbour of Lauwersoog serving fresh regional fish
  • WHERE: Haven 49 A, Lauwersoog, Netherlands

“We choose to purchase organic produce and as fishermen we depend on healthy waters – whatever is done on land, ends up in the sea. The greatest fish farm we know is not a farm, it's the open sea. We catch our own oysters, mullet and seabass, with other fish bought from colleagues who take their responsibility seriously.

“We are privileged to have some wonderful farmers nearby who produce top quality organic potatoes, vegetables, grains, as well as all of the cream and cheese that we need. Together we form an informal network, supporting and promoting eachother, along with local book shops, B&Bs, art galleries and restaurants, who all share the love for our landscape, waters, soil and nature.

“Our little restaurant is a friendly place where co-workers support each other. We all learn new things, develop our skills and share our knowledge and love for the sea with our guests.”

To read more about 't Ailand, visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

't Ailand (Lauwersoog, Netherlands)'t Ailand (Lauwersoog, Netherlands)

The Gallivant

  • WHO: Harry Cragoe, owner
  • WHAT: A restaurant with coastal-inspired bedrooms & a beach hut mini spa
  • WHERE: New Lydd Road, Camber, Rye, UK

“Working with farmers, fishers and foragers on our doorstep enables our kitchen to serve a local menu – which has in turn helped develop a thriving food network in the area – as well as ensure customers get to enjoy the best and freshest seasonal produce. Committing to such a tight sourcing policy can be a challenge, particularly in winter, but our head chef works closely with all of our suppliers, constantly adapting and creating new dishes.

“We are incredibly proud of our strong relationships with our local suppliers; we believe the initiative to change our menus on a continuous basis aids the community and we care a great deal about the people with whom we work. They are all amazing."

To read more about The Gallivant, visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

The Gallivant (Camber, Rye, UK)The Gallivant (Camber, Rye, UK)


  • WHO: Alastair Waddell, head chef
  • WHAT: Restaurant, bakery & deli that’s as local & as charming as it gets
  • WHERE: 18–22 Old Pacific Highway, Newrybar, New South Wales, Australia

“At Harvest, we offer a comprehensive dining experience, giving visitors the opportunity to learn about sustainability and delicious native and locally sourced ingredients. We always consider our implications for the environment and how to minimize our carbon footprint by working with like-minded suppliers, producers, growers, our own edible gardens along with our own wild food researcher who forages for Byron Hinterland’s under-utilized native Australian ingredients. We buy whole animals which are broken down on-site, and ensure we use every part of the beast with sauces and stocks. Our weekly-changing Wild Harvest evening menu allows us to use local, seasonal produce, often only available in small batches, highlighting our core values."

Sustainability Check out some of Harvest’s incredible sustainability and community initiatives here, including ‘Grow’, a series of wholesome community project workshops designed to accompany and inspire a school’s existing framework and curriculum.

To read more about Harvest, visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

Harvest (Newrybar, New South Wales, Australia)Harvest (Newrybar, New South Wales, Australia)

The Coach House at Middleton Lodge

  • WHO: James & Rebecca Allison, owners & Gareth Rayner, head chef
  • WHAT: A Georgian country estate with a relaxed restaurant
  • WHERE: Kneeton Lane, Middleton Tyas, Richmond, UK

"Our kitchen garden is key to our menus, and plays a huge role in our lowering carbon emissions. We have always aimed to keep this to a minimum with our pledge to only work with suppliers from within thirty miles. However, now with a focus on using produce from the estate, there is a zero miles label on the majority of ingredients used in our dishes. We are also passionate about not wasting any part of the produce – with two restaurants, as well as our events kitchen for weddings and private events – we are able to utilize all parts of the produce, whether it be a cut of meat, fish or vegetable; for example, broccoli grown in garden has its top blitzed to create a purée, the stalks are chargrilled and remainders of the stems are pickled.

“Our chefs are not only working in the kitchen but are also gardeners; planting and growing key produce in the kitchen garden and on the estate to use on the menu. Gareth and his team focus on the ‘forage diet’, sourcing, planting and nurturing the niche produce that you can’t get from a supplier."

To read more about The Coach House at Middleton Lodge, visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

The Coach House at Middleton Lodge (Middleton Tyas, Richmond, UK)The Coach House at Middleton Lodge (Middleton Tyas, Richmond, UK)

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

  • WHO: Dan Barber, chef; David & Laureen Barber, co-owners
  • WHAT: An acclaimed restaurant situated within Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture
  • WHERE: 630 Bedford Road, Pocantico Hills, New York, New York, USA

“Being situated within Stone Barns affords us the opportunity to have an intimate dialogue with the farmers who grow our food. Our cooks are in constant communication with their team and as a result, are able to understand the nuts and bolts of farming in a way that really shapes how they cook. For instance, at every Thursday’s cooks meeting, a group from the Stone Barns team gives an update of what’s going on at the farm. As a result, our cooks and the rest of our staff acquire an appreciation for the mechanics of growing food.

“Blue Hill sources from over forty different farms, has supported New York's Greenmarkets and their farmers for over twenty years and we've been able to foster some very close relationships with those individuals. Lastly, our relationship with the Barbers' Family Farm and the restaurant's namesake, Blue Hill Farm, is one that is very important to both restaurants. Not only is the farm a source of super delicious dairy, it is really at the heart of what Blue Hill is about. Dan and David spent their childhood summers going to Blue Hill Farm, where their grandmother instilled this deep sense of stewardship for the land. That permeates every element of the restaurant.”

To read more about Blue Hill at Stone Barns, visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

Blue Hill At Stone Barns (Pocantico Hills, New York, New York, USA)Blue Hill At Stone Barns (Pocantico Hills, New York, New York, USA)

Now that’s interesting!

Teresa Corção, chef and owner of Rio de Janeiro restaurant O Navegador tells us about her interesting project, Gosto da Amazônia ('Amazon Taste', or 'Love for the Amazon'.)

A pirarucu © Bel CorçãoA pirarucu © Bel Corção

“Last November I was approached by a biologist asking if I could help to 'open the Rio market' for this gigantic fish, the pirarucu – one of the largest river fish in the world. The species was endangered in the 1980s but thanks to Instituto Mamirauá and other researchers there is now an abundance. Matching ancient traditional indigenous techniques with scientific methods, communities now fish in such a way that they not only protect the pirarucu but also a whole chain of other species. Together with other eco chefs we tested new recipes to help Rio restaurants understand the best way to cook this delicious fish.

"Being able to have this fish on our menus is a very important option that helps small fishermen in the rainforest to keep living there and taking good care of the environment."

You can learn more about the Instituto Mamirauá and their work here, Teresa Corção's nonprofit organization Instituto Maniva and visit this crowdfunding site to add your support here.

A. (from left) eco chefs Ana Pedrosa, Teresa Corção & Ana Ribeiro | B – D. Pirarucu test dishes  © Bel Corção A. (from left) eco chefs Ana Pedrosa, Teresa Corção & Ana Ribeiro | B – D. Pirarucu test dishes © Bel Corção

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