This week’s feature restaurants talk in food metres, not food miles

31 January 2019
Amass, Copenhagen, Denmark

Amass on their relationship with suppliers

  • WHO: Matt Orlando, chef
  • WHAT: Serving delicious food in an exciting atmosphere while being responsible along the way
  • WHERE: Refshalevej 153, 1432 Copenhagen, Denmark 35144234

“The mindset in which we work with our farmers is simple. We don’t tell them what we want; we let them tell us what we should cook with. We will always take small quantities of something if its flavour is amazing. We will change the menu for one night in order to use these products. The shape of the vegetable is irrelevant – if you are a chef then you should want to cook with the most delicious ingredient, regardless of its shape. It takes a lot of trust and communication to work like this, but in the end you get a superior product and the farmer gets to sell you what they are most proud of. It’s a win-win scenario.”

To read more about Amass visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

The Wheatsheaf describes two key dishes

  • WHO: Ollie & Lauren Hunter, co-owner
  • WHAT: Grade II-listed pub selling organic, seasonal, local food & drink
  • WHERE: Chilton Foliat, Hungerford, RG17 0TE, UK

“Tagliatelle Carbonara – everything in this dish comes from within fifteen miles of the pub. This dish represents something so simple: hand-made, organic pasta with organic cream, organic egg, my dad's pancetta, slow-roasted pork shoulder and cured ham, Wiltshire ewes cheese, organic breadcrumbs and herbs (pangratatta).

“Salmon Pizza – we have our own wood-fired terracotta pizza oven from Florence and use local, organic flour, organic cream, salmon flesh, beetroot jam, local watercress, and organic herbs from my mum's walled garden.”

To read more about The Wheatsheaf visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

The Wheatsheaf, Hungerford, UKThe Wheatsheaf, Hungerford, UK

FARMbloomington shares a unique initiative

  • WHO: Daniel Orr, chef/owner
  • WHAT: Farm-to-table restaurant by Chef Daniel Orr
  • WHERE: 108 East Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomington, Indiana 47408, USA

“I co-host a local food and clean living radio show called Earth Eats. We focus on sustainable agriculture and the people responsible for producing foods in this manner. For each episode, I create new recipes and showcase fellow food professionals and their unique items.”

To read more about FARMbloomington visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

FARMbloomington, Bloomington, Indiana, USAFARMbloomington, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Émeraude on making their restaurant more sustainable

  • WHO: Amanda Hinds, owner/chef
  • WHAT: A micro-region eatery focused on delivering the area's best produce
  • WHERE: 8616 New England Highway, Hampton, Queensland 4352, Australia

“All of our green waste and coffee grinds go back into a composting system at a farm two hundred meters from our front door. Halfmoon Farm then supplies us with flowers, greens, root vegetables, and a variety of seasonal produce that is not chemically treated. We also have a living herbs and greens box-in, box-out system, so we always have freshly-cut product. When we are finished cutting, we send it back to the farm and they nurture them back to full health. They then arrive back to us when in full bloom – this means there are no plastics or middle men, and minimal transportation. We only use what we need and cut and talk in food metres, not food miles.”

To read more about Émeraude visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

Émeraude, Hampton, Queensland, AustraliaÉmeraude, Hampton, Queensland, Australia

Frasca Food & Wine share their thoughts on the food industry

  • WHO: Bobby Stuckey, owner
  • WHAT: Fine dining restaurant based on the cuisine of Friuli-Venezia Giulia in north eastern Italy
  • WHERE: 1738 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302, USA

“I've been a part of the restaurant business since my adolescent years, when I began bussing tables in 1983 (and I’m still bussing tables on occasion). I love the industry, but I think that often the chef lifestyle is glamorized as a ‘rock-star’ or ‘party’ lifestyle. This is not true of what you need to be in the culinary industry for decades at a time. Here at Frasca Food and Wine, I try personally to communicate and lead by example what can happen if you lead a balanced lifestyle and how wonderful this industry can be.”

To read more about Frasca Food & Wine visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

Frasca Food & Wine, Boulder, Colorado, USAFrasca Food & Wine, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Orphans Kitchen on using local produce

  • WHO: Tom Hishon, chef/co-owner & Josh Helm, co-owner
  • WHAT: Unadulterated food & naughty wine, since 2013
  • WHERE: 118 Ponsonby Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021, New Zealand

“I wanted to open Orphans Kitchen because I love to cook for others. I still do. And for me, a big part of cooking for others means nurturing them with healthful foods, and providing proper nourishment. This means sourcing locally grown, organic produce, and having a social conscience. At the beginning of each week we head down to the local community farm, Kelmarna Gardens. Here we get our leafy greens, herbs and other heritage fruits and vegetables for the menu. Kelmarna Gardens is non for profit and relies solely on volunteers from the community to keep it open to the public. We have also built up a directory of small organic growers close to Auckland that we get weekly deliveries from.”

To read more about Orphans Kitchen visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

Orphans Kitchen, Auckland, New ZealandOrphans Kitchen, Auckland, New Zealand

Foothills Butcher Bar share their food philosophy

  • WHO: Casey McKissick, owner
  • WHAT: Restaurant, bar & butcher shop
  • WHERE: 697 Haywood Road, Unit E, Asheville, North Carolina 28806, USA

“Our food philosophy is based in the word 'simple.' We want food to be delicious, flavoruful, but not overcomplicated. This food philosophy is born from Southern and Appalachian roots, with a dedication to simple good food, and working directly with farms to make it happen. Our three dishes that best represent our approach are: Our Famous Hot Dog (Carolina-style), our Classic Lil' Cheeseburger, and our Beef Tallow Fries.”

To read more about Foothills Butcher Bar visit their Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery profile here.

Foothills Butcher Bar, Asheville, North Carolina, USAFoothills Butcher Bar, Asheville, North Carolina, USA

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